Gary Dunes and the Del-Tunes this Saturday 9-1!

Winter Break Open Bowling:

Fri. Dec 26: 1PM-5PM

Sat Dec 27: Noon-9PM

Sun Dec 28: 4PM-8PM

Mon Dec 29: 1PM-5PM

Tue Dec 30: 1PM-5PM

Wed Dec 31: 3PM-8PM

9:30-12:30 New Years Eve Party* ($20/person RSVP)

Thu Jan 1: 1PM-5PM

Fri Jan 2: 1PM-5PM

Sat Jan 3: Noon-9PM

*Call (315) 252-9398 for reservation to the New Years Eve party. $20/person includes unlimited Cosmic bowling, chicken and spaghetti dinner, party favors, and a champagne (non-alcoholic option available) toast at Midnight.